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Analysisthe current situationcharacteristics of mattress MarketChina


Since the 21st century, China's mattress industry has developed well. At present, China has become the most important mattress production base and the most potential consumer market in the world. The general situation of mattress Market in China is as follows:

1) In the manufacturing field, the industry concentration is low, and the gap between enterprises is obvious. According to a rough estimate, there are about 1000 mattress enterprises in China, among which there are about 20 professional mattress manufacturers with an annual production capacity of more than 200000 sheets. Most of the mattress enterprises in China are small and medium-sized enterprises, although the total number is large, but the professional level is uneven. There are not only professional mattress manufacturers, but also enterprises that mix mattress, furniture, bedding and other businesses, as well as primary processing factories that do not have the ability of product design. The emergence of a large number of production enterprises aggravates the competition in the industry. Mattress enterprises have a big gap in scale, technology, capital, especially in brand promotion. There are only a few national mattress brands.
2) In the field of consumption, the mattress consumption level of residents is obvious. At present, China's mattress consumption market is basically divided into three categories: in the mattress market of the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the eastern coastal developed cities, a relatively fixed market and consumer groups of medium and high-end mattress products have been formed, and the market scale has been growing steadily; in other central cities, the main consumers are medium-sized products, and the potential customers of high-end products have a relatively low share; in towns and villages, the consumption of high-end products is relatively low The main consumers in the village market are middle and low-end products. Most of the consumers mainly solve the basic sleep needs, and have higher requirements on the price and durability of mattress products.
Furniture industry is a labor-intensive industry. At the beginning of reform and opening up, China attracted a large number of European and American manufacturers to invest in the mainland, mainly focusing on the huge domestic labor market and relatively low labor prices. With long-term OEM experience, China's furniture industry has formed a large number of manufacturers and technicians with excellent processing ability, but there is an extreme lack of design talents. There are 50000 large and small furniture manufacturers in China, but there are less than 500 designers. The industry has not yet formed an export enterprise with independent well-known brands. In terms of furniture design, basically no independent design ability, mainly OEM production or mutual plagiarism.
Analysis on the market scale of Chinese mattress industry in 2017
According to CSIL data, in 2016, China's mattress consumption was about 54.1 billion yuan (US $8.18 billion), with a growth rate of 13% in the past five years, surpassing the United States and becoming the world's largest mattress consumer market. At present, the mattress industry in China still has some problems, such as low penetration rate (less than 50%), long replacement cycle (the average replacement cycle is nearly 10 years, much higher than the 3-5 years replacement cycle in the United States), low consumption unit price and so on.
With the improvement of residents' disposable income and living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for sleep environment, mattress quality and appearance perception. Driven by the upgrading of consumption, the increase of popularity and the shortening of replacement cycle, the market scale of mattress industry in China is expected to maintain a steady growth.
According to the statistics of "2017-2022 China mattress industry market outlook and investment strategic planning analysis report" released by the foresight Industry Research Institute, the mattress sales of Enterprises above Designated Size in China showed a rapid growth trend, especially the growth rate in 2007 was as high as 39%, and the average annual growth rate since 2009 has remained above 18%. In 2016, enterprises above Designated Size sold 59.13 million mattresses.
Market development characteristics of Chinese mattress industry in 2017
China mattress market is developing rapidly. The sleep habits of Chinese consumers have changed from plank bed to brown bed to spring mattress. It has only been 20 years since all kinds of sleep carriers coexisted. Its rapid development and great market potential have attracted the attention of foreign counterparts. The characteristics of mattress industry in China are as follows
1. Low industry concentration and fierce competition
According to preliminary statistics, at present, there are thousands of mattress manufacturers in China, but there is no absolute leading monopoly in the industry. Even the enterprises with top 3 market share in recent years, their sales share is only about 3%. Take Xilinmen, which ranks third, for example, its market share in recent years is less than 3%.
2. Brand competition in consumer market is closely related to home furnishing schools
Due to the characteristics of mattress consumers' consumption behavior, the mattress industry has strong regional brand competition, which is also the main reason why it is difficult for the mattress industry to emerge as an absolute national leading enterprise.
Most of the production bases of domestic brands are located in the furniture gathering places of several factions. For example, Guangdong style furniture in South China, Suzhou style furniture in East China, Sichuan style furniture in Southwest China and Beijing style furniture in North China, which are close to the furniture cluster and put into production, have the cost advantages of raw materials and transportation logistics. The production bases of foreign brands are mostly concentrated in economically developed areas.
3. High regional concentration of industrial production enterprises
According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, enterprises in the mattress industry in China are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui and other places. From the proportion of enterprises in the first five provinces and cities in recent five years, it is basically maintained at about 70%, which shows that the regional concentration of the industry is relatively high.