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Mattress can buy the wrong, really stupid, deserve to be cheated, as long as I know how long mind!


The bed can lie comfortable, of course, it is a good mattress! But my mattress is a pit, looking at the quality, the actual use of too suffer, did not expect to buy a mattress can buy the wrong, really stupid, should be cheated, so, next time to buy things, must be how many heart eyes.
1、 Do not buy Mattress too much to be cheap, low price is not necessarily good goods
We spend a third of our lives sleeping, and a good mattress has a great impact on our sleep quality. Therefore, in the mattress purchase must not be greedy cheap. Usually, if you buy a mattress or brown mat that is significantly lower than the market price, think twice before you can avoid bad products.
2、 Hidden raw materials, invisible to the naked eye
Generally speaking, the mattress materials are hidden inside. We can't see it from the surface. When choosing, we can touch the mattress fabric with your hand first to feel the smoothness and softness of the fabric. High quality spring mattress and brown mattress will have notches, through which the raw materials used for mattress can be seen as described in the guide purchase.
3、 Identify regular sales channels and refuse to have three products
When buying mattress, it is best to choose the products of regular production enterprises, carefully check the marks on the product packaging, confirm the product name, product standard number, name of production enterprise, specification and grade of origin trademark on the label. Try to select the products with formaldehyde emission limit mark on the label as far as possible, and do not buy three products without formaldehyde.
In the process of decorating bedroom, mattress selection method, everyone recorded down? Therefore, choosing a comfortable mattress is of great importance to our quality of life. It can ensure our health while ensuring good sleep.